Talking About Retirement with Damon Sugden
Episode 8: A Healthy Retirement

Episode 8: A Healthy Retirement

December 6, 2020

What is required to establish the building blocks for a healthy retirement, and what do we need to consider for our physical and mental wellbeing?

Many of the episodes in this podcast series have alluded to the fact that our approach to life while working shouldn’t significantly change in our retirement years. This theme continues if we look at the building blocks of establishing health and wellbeing during retirement because what we do today affects the quality of what we have tomorrow.

In this episode, Damon, David and Barry highlight that unless we have a healthy approach to our lives, the purpose that you have identified could all but become obsolete.

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Episode 7: Leisure and Balance

Episode 7: Leisure and Balance

November 29, 2020

In this episode Damon, David and Barry discuss the importance of leisure time and how this may influence our quest to achieve balance.

They examine what retirees should be looking at during this stage, some of the pitfalls in our approach to leisure, and the difficulty of finding activities that are fulfilling in time versus filling in time typically referred to as the paradox of leisure.

Listen to episode 7 to discover how we define, separate or allocate our leisure time differently – if at all – in retirement.

Episode 6: Stages of Retirement.

Episode 6: Stages of Retirement.

October 25, 2020

In this episode Damon, David and Barry discuss the various stages of retirement and seek to understand what may lie on the road ahead.

They do this by looking at the three key stages of retirement as outlined by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and specifically, how looking at retirement as a sense of time is to look backwards.

Damon, David and Barry unanimously agree that retiring at the age of 65 has become an artificial concept.

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Episode 5: The Role of Work

Episode 5: The Role of Work

October 19, 2020

In this episode Damon, David and Barry discuss the role that work plays in our lives.

According to Retirement Expert, Barry LaValley, we need to seriously consider the value that work brings us. If we understand this, we may not be so quick to dismiss it as an end of an era and the beginning of a new prolonged leisure.

This notion is explored by looking at how much of our identity is often linked to our work.

Episode 4: PERMA (Part two)

Episode 4: PERMA (Part two)

October 12, 2020

This episode is a continuation of the discussion around the PERMA model and its scientific approach to understanding the elements of happiness and what we can do to maximise each element.

In this episode, Damon, David and Barry look at Meaning (M), Achievement (A) and the end result of Vitality (PERMA+V).

Listen to the worlds’ best thinkers around retirement and prepare to position yourself for a successful and engaging second phase of life.

“This is about helping people get on the right track and stay on the right track. The lessons, the psychology that we are talking about isn’t just related to retirement, it’s related to life and if we could help people have the best life possible with the resources they have, that would be a great outcome” – David Andrew.

Episode 3: PERMA (Part one)

Episode 3: PERMA (Part one)

October 5, 2020

In this episode we continue to look at PERMA, the psychological side of looking into retirement as the second phrase of our life.

To be able to effectively discuss this we need to look at what retirement means to us. This phase of life is rapidly changing in society and doesn’t mean the same thing as it did to our parents or grandparents journeys. The cliché of the gold watch, daytime television, the occasional trip here or there.

Post retirement we are now seeing many people tending to work, not necessarily because they have to but because they love what they do.

It’s meaningful, provides a strong sense of purpose and self worth. Pop that with a variety of leisure and social activities, and we have a really dynamic phase of our life.

However, a lot of our attention when we think about retirement tends to be about the money.

Whilst the money is an essential component, to completing the picture, it’s meaningless unless we have a clear snapshot of what our retirement is going to look like. What it means to us and how we can continue or start to live a fulfilling life.

Episode 2: Where Are We Going?

Episode 2: Where Are We Going?

September 25, 2020

In episode two of Talking About Retirement, Where Are We Going, Damon,  David, and Barry discuss the ‘rules’ around retirement.

Specifically, who made 65 the magic number?

They draw on the belief that society needs to re-frame how we look at retirement by changing our parameters and understanding that there are many technical considerations to look at beyond a number. They do this by shedding light on the history of retirement. Uncovering how this contradicts modern-day living, life expectancy, government policies and the various types of employment which help to make a certain age redundant.

Of course, the obvious topic of savings is further dissected.

According to Damon, “pre-retirees are unquestionably clear on what they are retiring from, however less clear on what they want to do next”.

The questions they ask are typically centered around their nest egg and specifically, “Who’s going to last longer, me or my money?”.

Episode two highlights that these are the wrong conversations to be having.

Instead, Damon, David and Barry firmly convey ‘the focus should be on accessing what we need in order to live and enjoy each and everyday whilst we’re still here.’

Listen to episode two of Talking About Retirement with Damon Sugden below.

Episode 1: The New Retirement

Episode 1: The New Retirement

September 25, 2020

Ernest Hemmingway said, “retirement is the ugliest word in the language”.

Was he harsh or is there merit in that view?

On the first episode of Talking About Retirement, Damon, David and Barry explore the concept of the term, modern elder. What does it mean? What does this transition look like in 2020, and what needs to be done to shift the pre-retiree perception of a ‘fulfilled’ life is based solely on your amount of savings?

Global Retirement Expert, Barry LaValley’s says, “it depends on your view”. In his experience, many people enter their post-work life with the wrong view and find out it was not what they thought it would be.

Host, Wealth and Retirement Adviser, Damon Sugden, encourages listeners to reflect on if the image of our parents or grandparents in retirement is still a relevant picture, or has the world changed to include a more flexible approach?

He is also joined by Wealth With Purpose author, Capital Partners Private Wealth Founder and CEO, David Andrew.

According to David, people have realised that retirement today is very different from the experience that their parents and grandparents had. At Capital Partners, this concept is utilised as a vehicle to help clients identify their values and ideal life.

So why are these non-financial aspects so important when setting yourself up for success? According to David, it’s because when we look at retirees, they are never just successful from a money point of view.

It is more than just your savings. Listen to episode 1 of Talking About Retirement, via the link below.